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Lead Generation

Bedrock provides all of the services and technologies necessary to effectively manage all of your customer registration needs.

Managing customer registrations online can be complicated. Subscription forms, automated confirmation emails, online registration management, opt-out and subscription removal forms, privacy administration, and security are just some of the systems that need to be in place.

Bedrock can effectively manage all registration and subscription services for you. All of our systems are in compliance with the latest privacy regulations. And, of course, BedrockDirect provides complete real-time reporting of all registration activities.

  • Registration Forms & Surveys
    Build your database of customers with online forms and surveys.

    • Custom registration forms on your web site. Verify opt-in registrations with automated email confirmation messages.
    • Surveys – With powerful options allowing you to require and validate answers to any question, control the flow with custom skip logic, and personalize surveys for each visitor.
  • Online Member and Registration Centers
    • Customers can review and manage their online preferences at your site’s personalized member center.
  • Subscription List Management
    • Manage and track subscriptions and all customer data.
  • Customer Database Management
    • Build, manage and utilize profiles of all customer and marketing activities.
  • Remove and Unsubscribe Systems
    • Set up opt-out and subscription removal processes, such as email unsubscribes, removal links and unsubscribe forms. Send automatic removal confirmations via email.