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Pay for results, not for how many people viewed your offer. Pay for leads that actually respond and show an interest by taking that first step towards developing a relationship with your brand.

Bedrock Marketing is able to generate high volumes of sales and subscriptions in a very short space of time for both large and small marketing budgets.

Our performance based customer acquisition model allows you to:

» Lower your acquisition costs
» Pay only for results. No set up or monthly management fees
» Secure large volumes of high quality leads or sales
» Work with expert account managers who have years of experience
» Benefit from our relationships with hundreds of leading online publishers
» Develop or improve landing pages with our professional in-house design team
» Use our online reporting tools to view conversion rates and optimize your campaign
» Work with Data Monetization experts to get the maximum return on every lead or
sale generated

Different payment models include:

» CPC (cost per click)
» CPL/R (cost per lead/registration)
» CPA/S (cost per acquisition/sale)